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Maybe you’ve been in church your entire life or maybe you’re just now giving it a try for the first time. Whatever the case, consider this; Life Touch Ministries is where you can fit in. Here, you can grow, serve and celebrate. You can hope and heal. You can lead and learn.

Explore and learn more about our ministries of the church. 


Women of Power and Purpose Community

Our Women's Ministry consists of our Women of Power and Purpose and our Young Women of Power of Purpose. We teach, train, and equip women of all ages to live a successful life in Christ as a saved and sanctified woman in this changing world.  We provide mentor-ship to the young and fellowship among the seasoned.


Children and Youth Community

Our Children and Youth Ministry ranges from ages 0-17.  We provide Bible foundation teaching on all age levels.  In that training our youth learn how to pray, serve God on their level, communication skills, organizational skills, and leadership skills.  Our Youth/Children are the future church.  We are training a generation.  


Men of Valor Community

MEN OF VALOR is who we are. Equipping both seasoned and young men to live their best life in Christ as pillars of the community, husbands, sons, and Godly men of integrity.  Iron sharpens iron is the basis of the Men's Ministry at Life Touch Ministries Church. 


Music and Worship Ministry

Through teaching and mentoring, we will equip each member of the Life Touch Ministries church Music Department with the tools necessary to minister with excellence and anointing within the Music & Worship Arts components of the ministry.


Sunday School 


Our Christian Education Ministries consists of our Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, Training sessions for those in ministry, and all ages.  It is our goal to teach, prepare, and equip the body of Christ with the tools necessary to minister effectively in this end time generation.

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